Monday, June 22, 2015

Two butterflies landed in the parking garage at Richland Mall this morning, and a third on the Richland Library Northeast book drop. At least the first 100 butterflies will be released in the Columbia, SC area, but I am considering ways to spread them further. By the end of one year, I plan to release at least 365.

I thought carefully about my packaging for the butterflies, and would love to hear feedback from friends or finders. While plastic is never ideal, I felt that using a see-through bag was necessary so that it was obvious that my artwork was not a dangerous item. I'm using re-positionable double sided tape whenever I stick them to something in an effort to leave no adhesive residue behind. Hopefully the butterflies will leave no trace behind, aside from good cheer.

While I provide contact information for the blog on each of the butterflies, I do not expect to hear back from the finders with any frequency - it takes time and effort to do so, and I want to attach no requirements to my butterflies - they are there only to spread happiness. Their fates can remain a happy mystery to me!

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